I made SmokinToken on a whim, just to see if I could, then listed it on uniswap just to see if I could 

This token has no real purpose other than I liked the name

Eventually I will add more liquidity, I did not have enough ether to do so at the moment at I staked the majority of it.

Where can I get SmokinToken?

Firstly, ask yourself, do I really want to buy a token with no purpose, if not then this isn't for you 


If so then head on over to, you will need a Metamask wallet, available on mobile and as an extension for google chrome.


On uniswap you click "select token" and then paste the contract address for SmokinToken:

0x51e918790357d939a0e8b4274082267f75a1663f which can be verified on Etherscan by clicking here.


SmoknToken will then pop up and you can enter the amount you wish to purchase, due to low liquidity I would not suggest buying more than a couple dollars worth. 

Follow the metamask prompts to complete your purchase


Next you will need to import the token into your Metamask wallet by selecting "Add Token", then "custom token" and enter SmokinToken's contract address: 

0x51E918790357D939A0E8B4274082267F75a1663f which can be verified on Etherscan by clicking here.


Again, I don't know why you would want to buy this token as it currently has no purpose, but if you need a simple Ether Token created and listed on UniSwap click contact me